edible gelatin manufacturer for jelly candy, cosmetic, capsule

We are a gelatin factory

We are a chinese biotech company specializing in edible or pharmaceutical gelatin production. We have professional equipment: skin splitting workshop, skin washing tank, gelatin extraction tank, cellulose filter, ion exchanger, membrane filter, multi-effect vacuum evaporator, steam sterilizer, long band dryer, automatic gelatine mixing machine and large sewage treatment tank.

We can process cattle hide and pig skin for the Type A gelatin and Type B gelatin. Our laboratory can customize gelatin for you according to your parameters.

All of our products are manufactured under the food grade standard. It can be used as an ingredient for candy, ice cream, instant gelatin, gelatin sheets and collagen peptides. It can also be used in pharmaceutical industry: cosmetic, soft capsule, hard capsule, gelatin plasma, gelatin hemostatic sponge, tissue engineering, etc.

Gelatin production steps

  • filtration machine of otto-max-gelatin factory
  • ① Washing and degreasing

    Classify, macerate and chop the collagen-rich raw material such as fresh skin or dry skin. The fat is scraped away by machine and the chopped skin is degreased and washed by hot water.

  • ② Pretreatment

    Raw material is soaked in dilute hydrochloric acid, or mixture of lime and sodium hydroxide. They will be partially hydrolyzed and should be washed and neutralized after pre-treatment.

  • ③ Extraction

    Stepwise heating method is use to extract gelatin. The gelatin Bloom value or gel strength is related to temperature, heating time, solution pH scale. The higher temperature, longer time, and lower pH, the less gel strength will be; and vice versa.

  • ④ Filtration

    In order to reduce the impurities in gelatin solution, it should be filtered by cellulose filter and diatomaceous earth. Metal ions are removed by ion exchanger.

  • ⑤ Evaporation and Sterilization

    After the gelatin solution is filtered by membrane to increase its concentration, the excess water is removed by vacuum evaporator without degenerating the gelatin. The 140℃ steam is used to sterilize concentrated solution in 4s.

  • ⑥ Drying and grinding

    After gelatin has solidified, it is squeezed into strips and chopped, then fed into a dryer. The dry gelatin is ground into different sizes depending on your requirements.

  • ⑦ Blending and package

    Each batch of gelatin has different parameters. In order to meet the customer's needs, it is necessary to evenly mix them in a certain ratio. It is packed in a waterproof bag and stored in the cool and dry place.

Gelatin Application

  • edible gelatin for gummy candy

    Gelatin for gummy candy

  • pharmaceutical gelatin for hard or soft capsule

    Soft or hard capsule

  • factory of otto-max-gelatin manufacturer

    Our gelatin factory