New Products


TTC-1210L Coil Kit

We are proud to announce yet another new part in development at Otto-Max – the TTC-1210L Kit. It is a rear coil kit similar to our new TTC-1210. The difference here though, is that it is a 2” lowering coil for those of who need to be a little closer to the ground. The spring rate is rated a 257 Lbs. per inch so ride quality will remain close to stock (No kidney belt required!). We are developing this part as a complete kit with custom shocks optimized for the shorter spring. Initial test reports look very good. Our aim is to have this kit fully tested and in production within the next 3 to 4 months. Stay tuned for further news about this exciting product.



TTC-1210 Coil Kit

We are excited to finally bring to market a new coil that our customers have been crying for. It’s the new TTC-1210 coil kit. It will get your new 2009 and up Dodge Ram 4WD rear end sitting the way it ought to – and not just when you’re sitting empty but also when you load her up with your motorcycles, dirt, ice cubes, beer and good times.